She tempted me and I had sex with her without condom

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Derrick and I an 25yrs old. I am in the serious problem and I need your advice. Mama, on Easter Sunday after Church, one of the ladies who is my friend escorted me to my house and unfortunately we made love. Because I am a church youth leader I don’t keep condoms on me so we did it raw when she tempted me. Mama, I don’t love her because she know I also have a girlfriend in the Church who is her best friend. Mama, she whataspp me later night that she thinks she is pregnant and I don’t think the pregnancy is mine. I asked her what she is going to do about it and she said nothing. I am a youth leader in my church and I cant stand this disgrace. Mama, help me. I could not sleep. I have not eating since morning. Mama, help me.

I have to choose between my boyfriend and my brother 

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Alice. My guy had a misunderstanding with my brother who loves me so much. My brother sacrificed a lot for me, we both had admissions to the university but he couldn’t make it because of me. He is working so hard to take care of me. Now the problem is my guy wants to break up our relationship because my brother offended him and refuse to apologize. He feels our families can not be united if we should get married but we love each other. I tried so that the both come together and solve the problem to no avail. What should I do?

She cannot be trusted anymore 

Hello  Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Ken. I have  been  with my girlfriend for the past one year six month now, I have came to know that she is keeping  something  from me and it was her children. After my little  investigation  I come that she has three  children but when I ask her she told me she just has  one child, I even ask her mother about her children mother to said  she has three. But  I don’t  no  why  she  is doing this to  me  and any time  she will be talking about married  to me.

The  second  problem is  I  help  her  to  travel  to Saudi  to go no work  for  a period  of two years  everything want on will  she  made it to there,  unfortunate  she  got  sick  and  stay  there  for  two weeks  and  came back to Ghana  for treatment.  So  that was when  I  look through  his  whatsapp  and  found that  she  was  having love  issue  with  a guy  who  is one of his children’s teacher.  I  ask  about  it  that  one too she  lied  to  me. Mama  pls  I  need  your help  should  I  stay  in  or quit  it pls.

My father does not want me to marry an Ashanti

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Moses and recently met a lady who is an Ashanti, but my dad and my mum said they will never allow any of their children to marry an Ashanti because they mock at Bono people. Besides that for my father was not too serious abt it until abt ten years ago when her wife died he took an Ashanti woman to marry her and something happened.The woman was sleeping with my dad and his nephew and due to that my father nephew died because they said in their tradition they hate incest. Now the woman and my dad have separated and due to that my father is insisting that he will not allow any of his child to marry an Ashanti.

But I recently met a lady nurse who is Ashanti which I want to bring her home but my father is saying he will not agree to a marriage from this tribe likewise my mother for what they have seen.But this lady is a marriage material but lm not able to tell this lady this story of my parent because I will hurt her a lot because we agreed to pray before marriage and anything. Should I tell her what is going on or stop cauz she will be disappointed a lot.But for me I don’t have problem with tribe.

What can I do to make my mother accept my boyfriend again? 

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, and Joana. I’m a girl of twenty three years and have dated a guy for about four years now, the guys family have really shown me love,even my mum knew of us but recently my mum turned her back and told me she doesn’t like the guy cos she has gone somewhere and they told her if I married to the guy, I will never know happiness on earth so she is not happy with that, the problem now is that, we both love each other sooo much and are both praying to God to change the situation. So should I forget the guy and move on or I should pray to God for change? Thank u