Help me choose between my first and second boyfriends 

​Hello Dr Mama Zimbi, my name is Sandra a 19 year old shs graduate.I was in love with a final yr university student but i cheated on him and although he was sad, he was still able to forgive me. After that incidence, this guy started treating me harshly and insulted me upon every little mistake i made.I later found out that he had also cheated on me and although i was hurt i forgave him wholeheartedly. Although he had promised that he will marry me after school, I wasn’t happy in the relationship.

After these harsh treatments, I met  a new guy who was also in his final year at the university.The guy was very caring and loving than my first guy.He gave me his sister’s number to chat with her,he called me frequently to ask of my well being etc etc.Although i was dating this new guy, i didnt break up with my first guy.After that long period of staying away from my first guy cos of his attitude,I realised that he had changed but i wasn’t convinced it was real.He started calling frequently to ask of my well being,helped me secure a job and was concerned about my health needs and tried to help in any little way he could

Somewhere along the line,I told my first guy i am now dating a new guy but i didnt tell him i have slept with him.He later found out the truth but although he was hurt,he was still able to forgive me and told me he still wants me back. He also apologized to me for all his bad treatments and promised never to treat me badly again.He reassured me that his love for me is geniune and wants to marry me. I told my new guy about this development but he also told me he truly loves me and wants to marry me so he also doesn’t want to go. Mama, this problem is a dilemma for me and don’t know what to do. Please help me out to make the right choice. Thank u

My best friend is dating my boyfriend 

​Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, greetings. I’m Dora 20yrs and he’s Kwame 23yrs. I’m in the university and he’s a nurse trainee. We’ve been in a comfortable relationship for 3yrs now. He’s the type ,who would always want to know the friends I move with. Through our 3yrs of relationship, we hurt each other,we forgive and move on.

About 2 months ago, he called me and said, he has heard I’m dating another guy in school who has been giving me money,and has bought me a phone so we should end the relationship. I was really hurt cuz it wasn’t true. I accepted the blame so that, he can forgive me but he insisted we should break up. Mama, recently about 2 weeks ago, I saw a best friend of mine picture on his dp. I was really hurt when my friend told me they’re now in a relationship. Mama, it pains me a lot cuz I really love Kwame and as a matter of fact, I need him back. Please I need your advice and help. Thank you!

How do I stop my addiction to pornography and masturbation?

​Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Abdul 24. i have been suffering from a heart disease for over 5years.I have applied a lot of medications to no aveil.Due to this i cant socialise with people and therefore cant propose to girls.For some time now i started watching porn and am now adicted to masturbation which is further worsening my heart disease.I dont know what to do, it has affected my education, i some time think about comitting suicide,mama please help me what shuold i do?

My guy is not ready for marriage 

​Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Rita am 24 years I just completed university and God been so Good I have a job .Mama before Gods mercy will come upon me I stopped fonicating and I saw his glory in my life .my problem is am with this guy who am not been intimate with we are dating alright any time the topic about marriage comes up he becomes uncomfortable I have dated him for a year now I think is about time we move to the next step but it seems he becomes uncomfortable I want to move on and pray more and see if God will let me met someone who is also ready to settle down bcux he is working and lacks natin am also ready to support him bcux am working too but it seems this guy is just not ready so please advice me thank You.

I can’t tell my parents that my girlfriend is pregnant 

​Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Peter and a boy of 21 years of age. I am in a relationship with a girl who is 20 years of age. We dated for one and a halve now. I got the girl pregnant and the family of the girl ask me to tell my parents so that they will be awear of what happen. Mama, if my dad or mum got to hear of this they are going to disowned me as their child. Because my mum and Dad said no one should such a disgrace to the family. Mama, what should I do now?

He says he will take me to juju and kill me because of sex

​Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Mercy 21. I just told my 46 year old boyfriend that I am not interested in the relationship anymore. But he keeps threatening me because he has spent so much on me and I never allow him to sleep with me. He says if I don’t allow him to sleep with me once he will take me to juju and kill me. I know he can do that. He is married. Please what should I do?