He sleeps with me thrice in a day

Hello Mama Zimbi, my name is Abigail. I am a lady 25yrs old and I have realised my guy does nt luv me anymore cos hes doing everytin to get me off his way without saying is ova to my face. The only time he is nice me is when I allow him to sleep with me thrice in a day. But mama i dnt even know how to forget about him. I am confuse pls help me. what should i do to take him off my mind?

This guy is killing me

Hello Mama Zimbi, Kukua is my name and I am 21yrs old. Mama i need ur advice. Ma guy is cheating on me seriously dat i dnt even no wat to do in dis lyf. he told me he is travelling to Accra nd he wl b back on Monday. since he left he hasnt kal nor flash me.i den found out dat he has told his ex galfrnd dat he is no more dating which is seriously hurting me. I just got to know that he went to spend the easter with his former girlfriend and he is still not back to campus. Mama pls tell something before this guy girls me. I am dying slowly. I cannot even eat or learn.