My Pastor’s wife has been having sex with me

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, I’m Noah, and a guy of 24yrs old. I have a confession to make and I need God’s forgiveness and your help. There is this woman in my life who is my Pastor’s wife, who get jealous anytime she see me with other girls. She is 35 years old. She has tempted me and I have slept with her several times. I want to stop with her because it is a sin but she says no. Her reason is that she loves me and besides the Pastor is also sleeping with some ladies in the Church. Mama, I’m totally confuse and don’t know what to do, please i need your advise before i do something silly like reporting her to her husband. I dont know what she has done to me because I am not able to resist her. She even proposed to divorce her husband and take me abroad marry me. Mama help me.

I always daydream having sex with him

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, I’m Mable. I’m 22yrs of age and he is Moses, 24yrs. I have been in 3 relationships. All the guys broke my heart by cheating on me cos i wasn’t giving them sex. So I choosed to stay away from any relationship. I didn’t have love for any guy in this world cos of the heart broke and lies from guys. I met this guy in a VIP bus on my way from Accra to Kumasi. That day, i was beautifully dressed. I sat close to him and greeted him with my romantic voice. Mama de guy was very handsome. On our way coming to Kumasi, this guy didn’t even said a word to me for de past 2hrs, As some guys will say Maame, 3te s3n? Y3fer3 wo s3n? and others when they see ladies.

I was like, wow what a guy. it came to my mind that this guy wasn’t a womanizer. i started the ahoshesh3 ways, I asked him which area he was going? he replied me. We started conversing till we reached Kumasi. I asked for his contact n started calling n watsaping him. It ended to a relationship. I visited him and couldn’t control myself when we were romancing n he did the thing. De problem now is, since i slept with him. I always daydream having sex with him. I’ve become addicted to sex especially when i set my eyes on his picture. Anytime i go to his place i feel like doing it with him. When we talk or chat on phone especially during the night then i feel horny and wet when i hear his voice. I want to stop that immoral behavior cos it is worrying me psychologically. Pls advice me?

I am not in love with her anymore

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Daniel. I am in a relationship with a lady 2 years older than me. To be frank I use to love her so much when I was with her. I have outside the to work. At first we chat on the phone regularly. But all of a sudden, I have fallen out of love completely with her without any reason and I am not in love with anyone. I don’t call her again as I use to though she calls our conversation is not as it was. I want to break with her and put her out of her misery cos my work has occupied me a lot. She is a very good lady and I don’t think I am ready for a relationship now. How do I tell her it’s over?

She has hurt me so bad

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, I am Kwamena 25yrs and she is Akos, 21yrs. We have been dating for the past 3 yrs now and this girl sometimes supports me financially when I am in need due to being very broke for sometime now. She is not the demanding ”type of girl”. Her parents are currently separated but she has introduced me to both parents and they all know me as well as my mom knows her too but just last month, I went to visit this girlfriend of mine in the evening. We were both standing in front of my girlfriend’s house chatting when we saw a certain guy approaching. As soon as she set her eyes on the guy, she quickly left me and run inside the house to call her mom and when her mom came out, she quickly called this guy inside the house and started talking to him while this girlfriend of mine came to stand by me outside.

It wasn’t so long when my girlfriend’s mom called her daughter inside the house and the guy also came out from the house only to approach me and inform me that, this girlfriend of mine is also her girlfriend and they have been dating for the past 3 yrs now! I was very shocked from the tip of my hair down to the toes of my feet as this guy narrated all the affairs he has been having with my girlfriend and even discussed some issues with me which I have been discussing with my girlfriend. Later, I left in anger but this girl and her mom tried convincing me to accept my girlfriend back by saying the guy was only my girlfriend’s friend and he was only assisting her into getting admission into her nursing school but there was no affair going on between them!

I forgave her and accepted her back even though I had suspected her having a secret relationship before from one picture she took in a guy’s room but she pleaded and assured me she has changed and it won’t happen again! But just this past Thursday, my girlfriend came over to visit me and when she was busy in the kitchen cooking, I sneaked into the room to take a glance through her phone and what I saw were some whatsapp messages from this girlfriend of mine asking this same guy to call her but she was going to her cousin’s house but meanwhile, she came to my house and also, I saw other missed and received calls from this same guy! I told her we should quit because I have realized her heart belongs to some other guy and I can not continue with the relationship anymore but she cried and threatened to kill herself in my room by using the bread knife but I tried to hold and calm her down.

I later had to lie to her it’s not over between us just to be able to go and drop her off at home as she was refusing to leave my house and it was getting very late in the evening too. After dropping her off, I told her it’s over between us and I have quit the relationship but she keeps texting me asking for forgiveness and to accept her back and give her another chance but it is never, ever going to happen again! Even though I love her so much, I am still feeling very hurt, disappointed and heartbroken! I am so much confused and don’t know what else to do so please advice me on what I should do now?

I want to be happy but I’m not sure

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, I’m David 27 and she is Akos 28. Mama despite the fact that she is a year older than me, that has never bothered me because I do love her a lot. We have been together for about 8 years and have 2 daughters. Mama my problem is that she has on numerous occasions told me that she doesn’t love me and she only stayed with me because she had nowhere to stay when we first met. Mama I have always been there for her and take good care of our girls. We are planning on getting married in about 2 months. Around 2 am today, a friend of mine called me and said he was outside my room so I woke up and went outside to hear what he had to say.

He said he went to a party with the girlfriend and that he was out of money so I should give him something to help the girl get back home. Whiles talking to them outside my soon-to-be wife came out and saw us together talking. After I have helped my friend and they have left I haven’t slept till now. My wife has insulted me and said that the girl came looking for me and that my friend is finding a new girl for me. I have explained to her that I have never set eyes on her before. She even said that she is not interested in me marrying her and that she is only doing it because of the constant pressure from her father. Mama pls advice me because I’m very confused now. I want to be happy but I’m not sure if I’ll find real happiness with someone who doesn’t respect me like this.


She always blame me for what happened to her

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Peter and she is Rose, we are of the same age 25 years. We were in relationship 5 years ago but we break up. The cause of the break up was that I travelled without telling her due to the emergency of the situation and at that time I was not using mobile phone and am not use to keeping contact numbers in my head so I couldn’t call her. I spend only one month. when I came back I heard that she was dating somebody so I decided not to ask her and I left that town and settle at different town not because of her but because of work.

Last year she search for my contact number and she called me telling me the situation she has pass through and what she was trying to say was that she want us to be together again. She has a child with the man I heard of when I return from where travel to, but they are not dating again due to some behaviour of the man. I have study her for sometimes and have not find and problem with her but she always blame me for what happen to her, but that is not my problem, my problem is it advisable for me to live with her or date her again?

My fiance has refused to have sex with me and I am worried

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, I am Abenaa. Pls I work at Accra while my fiance works at Kumasi. we were living together before. I came to Kumasi to visit him and for a week now he has neva made luv to me and am very worried. Mama, help me because I do everything to attract him but he still does not want to have sex with me. What is going on? What else should I do?