Why would my husband cheat after I give him 4 times sex per week?

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Gifty. I have been married  for 4 years now. My husband  has never slept outside home before. Until last Sunday. He travelled on Friday for funeral. On Sunday evening I called  him to know Wat he will eat when  he returns and he said rice and soup. I prepared it. It was 11pm ND he was still not Inn. His phone  was off. I called  his friends that he went with but none  of them answer. I was so scared that something  bad has happen. So I began to pray. i stayed awake till 4am.

I then went to wake my landlord up and told him Wat has happen. We were all shaking. So he took his phone  and called my husband friend and de guy answered and said he left my husband behide.so I be came relaxed.my husband came home monday evening and I didn’t not ask anything, he didn’t explain anything to me.all Wat I realised  is, he can’t look into my face when talking to me. For the past 4 months we never had any misunderstanding in our marriage.i give my husband good sex 4 times a week. So I don’t know Wat to think about his sleeping outside. Since Tuesday  he wanted to have sex but I feel hurt so I can’t  give him. I feel he doesn’t respect me. Maa pls help me with what to do.

My guy uses different ladies pics for his dp

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Jane. I am a girl of 22, i hv been reading the problems people share on your page and I always feel like sharing mine too but I am scared, mama I hv been a  relationship with my guy for 7yrs now ,even though the love I had for him wasn’t deep when started dating cos he was in shs by that when he proposed to me and I was in jhs,i was a  virgin when we met, we were living in the same town but a different area  ,when he returns back from school at  the time when he was in shs I will not see till it will left 3days for him to leave, later on I met this guy who was also in shs,who was helping me with my studies and because of his attention and care I felt in love with him, so I  allowed him to  break my virginity  ,I never told my guy until I left the town.

I  met my guy after my shs education ,we started making things right between us ,we had sex after that he asked what happened to my virginity, I told him the truth, he said he is not bothered, but my problem now is he has completed his university education and I am still at the house bcos I didn’t pass my maths paper, his attitude has changed towards me, he hardly call me, he uses different ladies pics for his dp and when I asked him who they are too he will me his friends and because I am a quiet type girl, I will not say anything, I uses other guys picx for my dp just to get his attention but no he will complain. Pls advice me.