I need a grown up muslim man to marry 

​Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, may you livelong. please I am Abiba, a muslim lady of 34 years. I am a Civil Servant with three kids and divorced due to certain reasons beyond control. I have being praying and wishing to remarry to a grown up muslim man living here in Ghana or abroad who is either single, divorced or widow, my reason being that I am still young and can give birth God willing but I love to marry a grownup who will appreciate me as a woman. Any man who is interested should kindly post his contact I will reach him and we see what destiny holds for us. 

I am sorry to bring to your information that the reasons for my inability to remain in my previous marriage are: He used to beat me up even during pregnancy making me miscarry, he was that type who brings women to our matrimonial home, he was a womanizer who doesn’t care about my feelings, he was also a miser and finally he was having affairs with married women. The thing that got me worried was his mum who felt it was ok to have affairs outside even with married women but I should tolerate it and keep shut, if married women don’t give themselves to him, he won’t have anything doing with them, hmm. 

With such a man, I managed to tolerate for some time till I realised that if I don’t leave him I will end up dead. So I left him. Even my parents who used to plead with me to keep praying things will get better eventually said I should come home and leave long. Mama I am the type who do not like eating outside, I cook three times a day and make sure I respect him and I am submissive because I have being to “makaranta” (Arabic) so I do all that was expected of me but my husband who is his mothers best friend only beat me even though he doesn’t give me anything. I wish to remarry again and to see what faith has for me, thank you.


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