I went on my knees with tears begging God to give me just a child

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Beatrice and am 25yrs old. mama pls, I have been married for 2years now with no child, am a Christian and believes kids are gift from God. My mother in-law came to pay I and my husband a visit 2months ago,she came with a lady about the same age of me and she claim she is a sisters daughter she wanted to a company her visit the son. My in law left leaving the lady behind claiming she should stay with us and help us in our house choice.I and my husband never asked for any help in the house but she insist. I know she is doing this to hurt me.

While in this 2years,I went on my knees with tears begging God to give me just a child coz the humiliation I had from that woman is never to talk about.My husband suggested we see a doctor which we need but the result is we all okay. My husband just told me 3days ago that his mum said he should sleep with the lady and impregnate her coz I can’t make babies…I cried my heart out mama,I knew she was in for evil. He told me he will never do such a thing coz he is a Godfearing man.

But I fear mama,am scared to go to work leaving the two of the alone in the house.Am thinking of giving the lady a sum of money for her to leave I and my husband in peace.. or I quit the marriage and give him his ring coz I can see his mum want me to leave the marriage. Pls help me out am confuse.thanks