Is it wrong to pick my guy’s phone?

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Gifty and I am 24yrs old. l have been dating a guy for 5yrs now. We had misunderstanding almost 2weeks ago. I apologize to him but still he doesn’t want to forgive me. The issue was, his phone rang and i picked the call. Is it wrong to pick my guys calls? But Mama, how can I let him go when I have done 7 abortions for him. What about if I am not able to give birth in future. Mama, I luv him. pls help me because crazy things are running in my mind.


Mama Zimbi Fitness Challenge

@cutie_julia19 is in the #MamaZimbiFitnessChallenge. Any challenger? Do you exercise in the morning? Take a short video with #MamaZimbiFitnessChallenge on instagram and let me share your video all over. #Medaase

He makes me feel uneasy

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, I am Nancy and i have being dating dis guy for almost three years now. I love him so very much and he loves me too. But my problem is anytime we have an issue den he tells me we should break up. This has being his attitude and response every time we have a problem..jux recently he told me that my actions only hurts him becos he loves me and his actions kills me becos i love him more..with all these and more i some how feels hes threatening me and dat makes me feel uneasy..for this reason i have stoped callin him athough i miss him..Mama am very much disturbed pls help me