I don’t love her anymore

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, I am Nii, 29 and she’s Bernice 26. We have dated for 3 years. Her sister in USA called me last year and told me she wants her sister Bernice to come to USA. But to get confidence in the embassy, we should pretend we are married and go to the Registrar general or a pastor to get marriage certificate to support her Visa. Mama, I did it as she wanted, thinking she will get there and help all things be well for me and her. But before doing it I confronted her not to do it. We should stay here and work. I’m an IT Technician in one of the Ministries and she was a Diploma Teacher here. Mama, this lady got to the States and told me that because of her green card, she has married. So I should marry if I find someone I like. Mama, my fear now is, we already have made a marriage certificate of which she has a copy and can come and claim properties when she comes to Ghana and finds out that I’m married. Actually, I don’t love her anymore. I’ve been able to overcome that pains she put me through. But that certificate we did is my issue now. Please what should I do?

The love he has for me has now changed because of the anointing oil

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi. I am Mariama, 33yrs and he is Ali 37yrs. We’ve married for 9yrs. I am Asante-Nkramo (Asante-Muslim). At first’ things was good. I mean business and everything to make marriage couples happy. But now my marriage is in danger. Mama, there is this lady who always visit my husband at his office and vice versa. My sister-in-law is my best friend. She was my mate in school so she linked her brother to marry me. Mama, I had a dream and i saw in my dream that my husband has married a second wife and after marriage my husband had an accident which resulted to cripple. So due to his condition the lady he married as a second wife quit and moved to her family. I told my sister-in-law about my dream.

After all, my sister in law is a Muslim but she always go to revival programs at church. She advised me to pray about it and escorted me to her pastor though she is a Muslim. The pastor gave me anointing oil to use to pray and use some to bath so that what the devil has plan wont come true. Mama, I used my husband phone to call my mum because there wasn’t enough credit on my phone. After my call, I went through his watsapp chat and i saw that he has propose to the lady for along time. Recently, My husband saw where i hide the anointing oil the pastor gave me, he threw it away and fought me for using it. He warned me not to go to church or see any pastor again. Mama, I always pray for him cos the devil has close his ears. Since he saw me using anointing oil and going to church programs while I am a Muslim, the love he has for me has now change to something else. So please advice me.