Is he in this relationship to kiss and have sex with me?

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, plz am Aba n am 21yrs old. Plz my past relationship has nt been cool n nw i hav found a guy i think i like n love. But mama my problem is this guy claims he loves me soo much bt there is this thing am noticing abt him. He always talks abt kissing n holding so i asked him if dats the reason y he wants to be with me n he said, honestly yes cos he has nt bein in a relationship for quite a long time n he really misses it n yet he says he loves me as well. Mama plz i want to knw if this guy is a husband material cos i dnt want to date n break up again or hav sex in my relationship till marriage. Mama, plz advise me.

His penis is too small for me and it can’t satisfy me

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Veronica and am 25yrs old. Mama plz my problem is I am about to marry this Saturday and I know my husband to be”s manhood is very small i mean really small yet i want to marry him cos i love him. now i wnt to ask you if penis enlargement n elongation is really true n if it really works or if something can be done abt it cos i dnt think he can satisfy me in bed even though we hav nt engaged in any sexual activities… thank u

I cannot live under the same roof with his stubborn and lazy nephews

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Jane. Mama am engaged to my guy and I usually visit him during the weekends. he is staying with his sisters sons they are two, 10yrs and 5yrs. Whenever I went for my visit I cook for my guy. I’ve to cook a lot so they can eat the rest for the whole week till I come back again. mama I will go and come back to meet all the bowls they ate in still dirty. I told him that he have to allow the elderly child to wash the bowls and he became angry with me saying I don’t like the kid that why I want the kid to do it. the problem is I will be traveling very soon so i was doing all these to help him but he thinks I don’t like the kid which is never true because the elderly kid wants the smaller kid to wash the bowl in which they ate the food and which is not good. I need Ur advice on how to deal with the problem because is affecting my marriage because we always fight because of that.

Teach me how to propose to her that she will accept

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, i’m Felix, 20 yrs old. There’s this girl that i have been admiring for 2 month now, she has been coming to our house to buy drinks she’s good looking but hardly talk, i’m a shy guy but seeing this girl and her quality made me feel talking to her. i find it very difficult to even ask of her name because she might think i’m like those kind of guyz who will like to take advantage of her. i heard that guyz has been worrying her but she rejected them all. my fear now is will she accept my friendship if i ask her and how will i start. because i’m seriously confuse she’s the type of girl i want to be with. Mama please help me.

She is a true definition of an ideal woman

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi. Am Patrick 28yrs. I dated a lady 4 2yrs bt we broke up a yr ago. I cudnt marry her due 2 our tribal differences as stated by her parents. Now de lady is dating sm1 4rm her tribe. She cals me everyday 2 kno hw am faring even afta we broke up. I cnt also ignore her cals cos i stil luv her. She gav me a perfect peace of mind(very caring,luving, nt a demanding type as in sex n money, faithful n understanding). I made investigations abt her n i found out dat she neva cheated on me. She is a 2ru definition of an ideal woman. Since den i av nt stil dated. Wenever i change my numba,she’l find it n cal me. I dnt kno hw 2 break communication wit her cos i dnt want 2 ruin her relationship. Mama please help me. I need ur advice