My boyfriend always use a particular lady as his whatsapp profile picture

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Ishatu and am 20, he is also Mike and is 28. Mama, we have been dating for some months now. there is this particular girl’s picture that he always use as his whatsapp profile picture. Sometimes he writes on his status that i miss you, i always think of you whenever he uses the lady’s picture as his display picture. I once confronted him and he told that the girl was his ex when he was in the university and that the lady has done a lot of help to him at that time and thats the reason  why he always uses her picture as his whatsapp display picture and that he can’t forget her. For me i think he is cheating on me just that he doesn’t wana tell me. Mama pls i need your advice because am very confused and worried here. Is he really cheating or not? Thank you.

I am dating twins and they just got to know

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Kingsley 23 and am dating twins, the elder was the one I meet first that I love with all my heart,I seen her cheating on me several time and all she has to say is sorry. so I one day decided to have another girl ,if her bad behavior let her to leave me. I once met a girl called rose at a bus station ,which I decided to date her. I told her the truth that I have a girl who is unfaithful to me so I want her to be mine and she agree .my first girl is now telling me that am now changing ,that someone is taking me away from her but she is now a change person and first never knew  I love her and want to marry her. but now I love my second girl and I trust her too. my second girl came to my house this month and show my first girl picture and said to me that she is her elder twin sister. Now the the elder sister say she love me while I love the younger sister and she love me too. pls advice me should I leave both or should I marry the younger sister.

She keep pressuring me with marriage

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Daniel. I’m 27 and she is 28. We started way back from JHS and we are still together. I am a polytechnic graduate still searching for job for the past four years but to no avail. She is a nurse working in one of the district hospitals in the Ashanti region. I really want to marry her but this is a case i do not work. She keep pressuring me with marriage knowing very well that i don’t have a job. She called me just yesterday that she wants finance our marriage. I’m confused wether i should go ahead and marry her under her sponsorship which i know is wrong or wait and act at the right time.

I don’t want to marry and divorce again

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Janet. I am a lady of 31yrs old with 1 kid n aba to marry again. .yes I said again cos I have been married be4 which I was 18yrs old n after 10yrs I divorce him for another guy ba that re/ship  didn’t  work he breakup wit me. n After a few weeks I started dating this 45yrs old man, who has 6 kids with 5baby mums. ..I don’t want to marry him so I’ve been chatting on him n even did it wit his friend  cos I wanted him to leave me ba he’s still insisting to marry me. afraid cos (1) he’s too old for me (2) has 6 kids (3)he doesn’t really trust me anymore. (4) 5baby mums  are also another problem.(5) the oldest of his kids is 20yrs old gal not working n the ygst is almst 2yrs old n they all live wit him n not wit their mums. .This means a lot of work for me…I don’t no if I can handle all this problem.. n (6) he’s not even rich, no piz of land or house of his own. .except (€1.400) of his mthly salary, n he doesn’t even help me cos his money is not enough for him n his kids. .. mama I don’t want to marry n divorce again, but he said, he really love me.plz I need ur device….

I desperately want to be a star

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Gloria and I am a 24yr old graduate of Classics and History. Mama, I have always admired you since I was a child but you keep becoming bigger and bigger. So many have come and gone but you are still there. What is your secret? My greatest dream in life is to become star. Please how can I become a star? Help me to became a star like you so I can also be seen and loved by so many people. I desperately want to be a star. Help me to be star.

My guy want us to have a court wedding without the knowledge of his mother

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, I am Lucy 32 years of age and in a relationship with a guy who is 30. Mama, he believes age is just a number so age difference is never a problem to us as far as our relationship is concerned. Mama, we both agreed on introducing ourselves to our families. He told his mother about us and she said no with her reason being that,he should marry a lady he introduced to her about three (3) years ago of which they are no more or he dare not bring any other lady to her house.

Mama,it is amazing to see that lady and my guy’s mother very close as friends although she knows the son and the lady are no more in a relationship. Mama, I know my guy is trying and doing everything within his power for his mother to see reasons with him but all proved futile. He pleaded with his reverend father to talk to his mother but still her answer is no. The problem now is that my guy want us to have a court wedding without the knowledge of his mother but thinking carefully about this Mama, should I accept the court wedding as he is suggesting or I should forget about him and move on with my life. Please advice me. Medaaase

I see used condoms in his room always

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Vero 26 n his Stanley 32 i luv dis guy very much. he only tels me he luvs me wen his makin luv to me.anytym i go to him i always sees used condoms n yet he wil tel u it doesn’t mean antin. evrytin is getting me so confusd mama. i wil like to settle down nt for games mama. Plx do u tink i hav a future with dis guy hu says he can only marry me in 3yrs tyme.