He wants kissing and romance to be constant

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Jane. I am 23 nd he is 30.we met recently.I liked him instantly.he requested for my contact and I gladly gave it to me.He contacted me some days after. He proposed that we should date because he is scared I may date someone else.He claims he likes me nd I like him too.I accepted his proposal for us to date but it would be void of sex and he agreed.but he wants kissing and romance to be constant. did I act rushly in accepting his proposal? is der anything wrong with kissing and romance without sex? did I act cheap by accepting his proposal so soon?

He uses condoms with his wife and sleep with me raw

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Dorothy 24yrs old. I have been going out with a 35yr old married guy for 2years now. When I met him he was separated from his wife because she was not faithful so he promised to marry if he successfully divorce his wife. Mama, just a month after we began the relationship his wife returned home with the kids. But because we love each other I was hoping that he will be a man enough to sack his wife but still she is in the house. Now my problem is that he says since the wife returned he has been sleeping with her using condoms and because he loves me and want to marry me he always insist we do it raw and I allow. Mama, though I trust him that he uses condoms on his wife I still don’t see why she is still in the house. He says I should be patient and that he will sack her but Mama how long can I wait. Please advise me. 

She doesn’t call back when she sees my missed calls

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Nii, am 27. Mama I have fallen in love with some girl. My problem is how do I win her. She doesn’t call back when she sees my missed calls. We do talk n chat sometimez but not always. Mama I love her so much. But hmm Yestee night, I call twice and she was on call waiting hoping she gonna call back, but she didn’t. What do I do cox I have been thinking about her for the past 3 weeks. Help me. I want to marry her. 

I am broken hearted 

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Hannah in one of the nursing training school in the country. Mama am a girl of 20 years and am dating a man who is 30 years old. I love him so much and he cares for me and loves me too but I found out that he has a daughter with a different lady who is 1yr 8months. Mama am very broken and don’t know what to do now. We have dated for 8months now. When I asked him he said he wanted to tell me at the right time but I don’t want to believe that I don’t know if I should leave him or go on with him. Mama please help me out. Am very confused.

She chooses the prayer group over me

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Nana. I am gainfully employed and also a final year student in a uni. I met her at same University 7 months ago and we have been dating since..we quarrel once a while but mostly we happy..we plan getting married right after school..both parents are aware of us..the issue is on campus she joins a so called prayer group with her ex as a member and the head of the prayer group is best friends to her ex..the head is bent on bringing them back together and sometimes contour visions saying he saw her and the ex get married.. when she goes for prayers she stays out till sometime s 11pm and 12am.
I have Registered my dislike about her going for that prayer’s.. and subsequently asked her to please stop..mum she has refused to stop and told me point blank that she chooses that group over our relationship..mum my mind tells me she just wants to get back to her ex. Because she doesn’t even attend church anymore but always rush to that prayer group and returns very late..mum what should I do..she has told me she will never stop attending the group meetings and that if it comes to choosing one ,she chooses the group over me..should I stay or end the relationship.

My guy never calls me

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Amanda and i am 19 years old and still a student. I live in London and have been in a relationship for almost one year with this guy he is 28 years. My problem is that he says he is always busy. He is a taxi driver and and most of the tym he never answers my calls because he says he is too busy. And when we chart on whatsapp it’s always short charts or sometyms he reads my messages and dont reply. He says that he loves me and want to marry me but he never calls me back. One tym he didn’t talk to me for 1 week without any reason then he started talking to me lyk nothing happened. So besides the communication we do have a good relationship. The only serious problem is his communication. Mama Zimbi, what should i do. I hav tryd to talk to him about it but he said he will communicate more but still no change or should i let him go. I really dont want to because i love him.

I will not abort this baby

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Bernice. I am a young girl in a current relationship with a young guy for a long while now. He claims he will marry me come next year. Recently I found out that I am pregnant and at the beginning he was happy about it but then after talking to his mother, he came back saying a lot of things and his conclusion was for me to abort the baby. I told him if I abort things won’t be the same for us and since keeping the baby too is a problem for him, then I rather keep it and let him go. Ma, I always say that if a guy truly love u, only hard times like this will show u how he truly feels. My question to u is this, is it wrong for me to keep my grounds of not wanting to do abortion and letting the relationship go? Thank u