I allow my boyfriend to sleep with me always so that he will not cheat 

​Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Emelia 22yrs old. I am dating this guy for not long ago… but due to the love we have for each other, we have been sleeping alot. I give it to him any time so he will not cheat.. here lies the case when his ex comes around then he find it difficult to sack her from his room… I love him and I feel like moving in with him so that his ex will stop coming around. .. pls is it a good idea… am confused.

I always forgive him but still

​Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Anta and my guy is Jones. We have dated for about 4 and half years now,we have one son and he is 3 years .Anytime we have a misunderstanding he tells me to pack and it’s over .So one last time he told me it’s over so when I left it got to a time it was not easy to feed my son I can’t also see him hungry and stuffs so they was one guy who wanted a relationship with me so I accepted him and we dated and later on found out that he has a girlfriend so I stopped and my ex came back we sorted things out and I went back to him anytime he uses what happened against me ,And also we have suffered together till now.

Anytime he uses that against me I really cry and can’t do anything because it really hurts me and one thing is he has slept with many of my friends and will tell me I should stay away from them because they are not good friends I forgive him because we love each other and we move on and even he has given birth with someone else while we are dating. I forgave him because I think it’s part of life and the child didn’t do anything. I always want to stay because I love him and I don’t want my children to different fathers but this time gas come that I can’t take it no more I think all the time about what to do if u should leave or still stay because of my son .But anytime he uses the past against me so please advice me what should I do because am confused.

My boyfriend has impregnated someone 

​Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Lillian 29yrs old, I live in UK but my boyfriend is in Ghana. My sisters just told me that my boyfriend has impregnated someone in Ghana. I confronted him today and he said it’s true. Mama am soo disappointed hurts and heartbroken bcoz  he made me who I am today. He is been there for me since I lost my dad n brought me here to further my education,he goes to extent of sending me money from Ghana.  Akumaa what do I do since he has impregnated someone?? He is been very apologetic n want me to forgive him. Help me coz am really hurts n heartbroken. Thanks

My guy has betrayed me

​Hello  Dr. Mama  Zimbi, I’m Anita n I’ve been with a guy for 2 and half years now. . He did the knocking last year then after that came to see my parents n gave them his word that he will come and marry me early this year then later he said he was travelling. We finally fixed the date in July and some days to the date,he called that his family said  we should postpone it so we had to cancel it. He came to say sorry to my parents and told them something happened but will be fixed in a month’s time so after that he’ll come forward. 

Up to now he’s said nothing and when I ask he tells me I’m rushing n I’m desperate for marriage but if only I can wait ,I’ll be happy with him but if I can’t I can leave. My dad told me he doesn’t love me but can not tell me so he’s acting. He asked me to test him and tell him we should go our separate ways and if he loves me,he’ll ask why and ask me to stay but if he doesn’t he’ll accept. I did that and he accepted but I love him very much and I’m confused if my dad is right or wrong. Please advise me. I’m 27 years old.