Why would my wife cheat?

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Agyeman. I am 32 years of age and happily married to 31 year old lady in Tema with 2 kids. I am a mechanical engineer in a vessel (ship) and goes all over the world. I was recently in England and bought a new sim card to call my wife. I first sent her a message on what’s up and her responses prompted that she has been chatting with some one in UK. She started by asking me where l have been all this while, I responded l was busy with job. l then asked where she is living now and she said she is now married to a seaman with 2 kids and had a wine shop. I started interrogating her about the husband and lo and behold my wife spoke a lot about me even to the extent of saying l have been away for 2 years meanwhile l left Ghana for just 4 month. She asked for phone and to which l agreed to buy for her if she can meet in the airport on the day of my arrival. l intentionally asked where her kids will be when coming to meet me and she said she will call the younger sister to come and be with the kids. l made an offer of GHC 4,000 to her for sex but she did not responded yes nor refused. l kept on stressing to know her mind on that but she reckoned we talk about that when we meet. I later called and queried her and she claimed she tort is an old class mate who lives in the UK. She then apologized. Mama, do u think my wife is trust worthy? What should I do now?

Will our blood covenant have an effect on me?

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Thelma. I am 22yrs old. I had a guy whom i sheared my luv with. He was my 1st luv. Due to the strong luv we had, we even had a blood covenant that we will never separate or sleep elsewhere or marry any other person. Mama, I heard today that he had defiled a 13yr old girl. Which had led him to 25yrs imprisonment. I feel heartbroken and don’t want to love again. Mama please help me because I don’t know what the blood covenant will do to me since he will be away for 25years?

My boyfriend is demanding for my naked photos

Hello Mama Zimbi, my name is Eunice and I am 19yrs old. My boyfriend has been demanding my naked picture since last month. So last week I whatsap him the picture of my breast without my face. But he still says that is not enough. And that he needs my full naked picture. He added that because I don’t love him that us why I am denying him his right. Because he is in the university in the North and I am in Level 100 in a University in Accra, I sometimes understand him because he misses my most often. Mama, what should I do because he says if I don’t send him my naked pictures and another lady sends him, I should not blame him. Mama, help me because I love him.

I am fed up with my husband

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, am Gina. I have been married for the past 9 years and we have a 8years old son. We started trying for a second issue after the boy became 2years. So after he turned four I was advised to see a Dr to check on me if there’s something wrong with me ,after series of test nothing was seen so my husband was invited for a check up too and there it was noticed he had NO sperm count .So the Dr put him on medication but after taking the drugs for some weeks he stopped. After that he has gone in for over five different traditional medicine which he takes for days and stopped taking it. Am turning 40next year and I feel am heading towards menopause so I do talk to him but any time I mention it he becomes angry. And daily he is getting weaker in bed. We live together but I can count the number of times we have had sex this year. Am getting worried. I was brought up from a home where divorce is frown on and cheating is the last thing I ever want to do but he is pushing me to the wall now. Am getting fed up. He is neither ready for adoption or artificial insemination too. Please I need advice,I don’t want my home to be broken.

I want him to stop with his wife and marry me

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Wendy and I am 24years. I have a boyfriend who is 52yrs old but some months ago I met another young man who asked me out but I told him we can be friends because am in a relationship. He agreed, but latter our love grew and he asked for sex and I gave it to him and we continues having sex. Some weeks ago i found out that he has a wife and two kids. The problem is that I wish I can stop with him but I find it very hard to leave him because I like it when he’s having sex with me. He has agreed to stop with his wife and marry me next year because his wife is disrespectful but I have not seen any sign of divorce yet. My 52yrs old boyfriend too wants a child from me because his wife has only one child for him. Pls Mama, what can I do pls?

My body is always itching for sex

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Abena and I am 23years old. I have dated a guy for 3yrs now. Just this year, he asked for sex and after 4 months, I gave it to him. He always ask for it and i give it to him. I became fed up with sex and a month ago I broke up with him. But Mama, I still love him, and also my body is always itching me for sex. I do not want to have sex with any other guy because of my moral background. Please, can I plead with him to have sex with me without any relationship commitment? if yes, what is the best way to go about it so that he will not think that I am cheap? I do miss him always. Mama, please advice me.