Do you think my wife is using a spell on me?

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Mike and I am 30yrs old. I have been married for a year now. Whenever I have sex with my wife it takes a very long time for me to release. Sometimes when I am tired from work I dont release at all. But anytime I meet my girlfriend I release immediately just about two three minutes. I am beginning to love my girlfriend that my wife. Mama, what should he do? Do you think my wife is using a spell on me?

I have been seeing my ex girl in my dream always

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Anthony. Am 27years old. I broke up with my ex 1year ago and i have forgotten about her totally because she was very wicked and unfaithful. But Mama, I have been praying so hard to God to reveal to me my future wife and to my surprise I have been seeing my ex girl in my dream always. Anytime i pray to God to reveal my future wife to me I see my ex girl. Even today i pray again and i saw her. And anytime i will see her in my dreams too is either she is angry with me or we are not in good terms. Mama i cant marry that girl because she has bad attitude and very wicked. Am confuse and I need Advice, Thanks.

I am beginning to hate our daughter

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Dora. I have been married for 4years now and I have one little girl with my husband. But my husband tends to give too much attention to our girl more than me. He used to buy me things from work, but now he comes home with only the gifts for our child. Can you believe that, he once said to me that ‘We live for our daughter only, not ourselves. And I want you to understand’.

Mama Zimbi, how can I understand this? When my husband’s mother comes to visit us, all her attention goes to the child. Why do they love the child more than me? I am sorry to say that, I am beginning to hate our daughter but my husband seems not listen to my concerns any time I complain about his actions towards me and our daughter. I don’t think he loves me, but he came for me because of a child. I am not happy in the marriage, but I need your advice first. Please help me.

I have aborted 9 babies for him since we began

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Naana and I am 25years old. I have a problem with my guy whom I have been with for 5years now. I have aborted 9 babies for him since we began because he said he was not ready. Now he says that he is ready to have a baby. I have had 3 miscarriages since then and I am going through a lot of pain.

He is telling me that he loves me with all his heart,body, soul and everything but he wants us to breakup. Why because I insulted him during my las miscarriage. I insulted him because of the pain I am going through because he seemed not to care. Mama Zimbi, if I let him go which other man will share the problem with my womb with me? I am very confused and I may end his life and my life if he breaks my heart. If you do not help me, I may not see next month because I still love him.

He wants us to make a blood covenant

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Nancy and I and 19years old. I just had an admission to the University. My boyfriend says he feels insecure in our relationship because I am going to the University so he wants us to make a blood covenant. All he wants is a blood covenant, and I am scared. I do not want to disappoint him too because he has been supporting me for all these years. We love ourselves so much and I do not know what to do now. Please advise me.

I dont know who to choose and marry because they are both good in bed

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is May and I am a lady of 22years of age. I am in Level 400. I am in deep problem of loving two gentlemen and both want to marry me and make me their wife when I complete school. They have both introduced me to their families. I am 3months pregnant now and when I told both of them, all of them accepted it gladly and that makes me more confused. They are both the kind of guys I want and I don’t know who to choose because they are all good in bed? Mama, please help me solve my problem.

My husband is always with friends that change women everyday

Hello Dr. Mama Zimbi, my name is Maame Konadu. i have been married for 1year 7 months.i love my husband very much but he does not listen to my advise. my husband does not walk with responsible men, he is always with friends that change women everyday. My husband sit with this friends from monday to friday after work, he does not come home strait.HE comes home very late and sometimes when he comes he trys to sleep with me. And since he does not want to stop that late outing i dont want to sleep with him. There is no happiness at home. Because he says he will never stop the outing.i want to divorce him because it seems he has no Aim. we have not obtain any property all my husband knows is chilling with friends, and maa he has lock his phone to extent that when he gets call, u wont see the name of the one calling, What kills me most is he watch PON MOVIE even when we are in good terms. Maa please a lot of things are happen in my marrage, and all thats comes to my mind divorce. please help me.